Our Mission 

The Piggy Banker’ mission is rooted in the fundamental belief that in order to increase the overall prosperity of a society, we must first increase the prosperity of each individual. Our mission is to help students and faculty members achieve personal financial goals and success by providing educational on best financial practices and spreading the knowledge on financial instruments, products and services. Through our events, delivered in partnership with knowledgeable industry professionals, we believe we will ultimately bring prosperity to our community and increase overall financial confidence for members of our society.

About Us

We present you with a dream: to achieve prosperity for our community through education on managing personal finances. The Piggy Bankers was founded by a group of undergraduate commerce students at the University of Alberta School of Business. We are dedicated to bringing the power of wealth closer to students, faculty staff and community members. As a society, we are facing greater financial vulnerability due to rising personal debt, naïve capital decisions and economic apathy. We can make a difference by educating our audience on the principles of financial literacy, which will ultimately bring prosperity to our community. The Piggy Bankers focuses on providing students and staff across all faculties with the practical knowledge, applicable skills and confidence necessary to handle personal financial matters. Our annual conference and recurring seminars will not only educate individuals on the best financial practices and knowledge of financial services but will also encourage them to start their own journey to financial success by applying the financial literacy concepts learnt.

— The Piggy Bankers, 2014




We want to help!

As a student-led group with both a keen interest and practical experience in personal finance, we desire to assist our fellow students in being effective towards of their hard-earned money.

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A vast majority of students simply aren't aware of the tools and services at their disposal to maximize their assets and mitigate their debts. Don't worry, we've got you covered!