About Us

The Piggy Bankers is a student run club focused on educating individuals of all ages and backgrounds on practical financial topics that apply to everyone. Enhancing the prosperity of society first begins by helping to enrich the knowledge and financial practices of individuals. Our organization is passionate about contributing to this lofty goal, and is thrilled to be providing access to knowledge from experts on these universally relevant concepts!


If you would like to learn more about how you can streamline your financial practices and/or further expand your knowledge of today’s financial landscape, then please stay-tuned for the Piggy Bankers' events in the upcoming academic year!

— The Piggy Bankers, 2014

We want to help!

As a student-led group with both a keen interest and practical experience in personal finance, we desire to assist our fellow students in being effective towards of their hard-earned money.

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Here you will find plenty of other useful resources, additional information about the club, as well as additional opportunities to interact with both the members of the club and other like-minded students.

We've got the facts!

A vast majority of students simply aren't aware of the tools and services at their disposal to maximize their assets and mitigate their debts. Don't worry, we've got you covered!