11:30 AM11:30

"Tax Hacks for Students"

If you pay tax, this seminar will be right for you! Hosted by a partner from EY, this seminar will provide useful information to help students understand how tax returns work. The presenter will introduce students to the general rules in personal and business tax filings as well as explain how to file tax returns.

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11:00 AM11:00

"How to Avoid Personal Bankruptcy"

On your own, certain financial literacy topics, concepts and terminologies can be complex in nature, so we are inviting a knowledgeable financial expert to break it down to the basics! This seminar is hosted by Freida Richer from Grant Thornton.  Students will learn about how personal and business bankruptcy work, the process behind it, and the implications on relevant credit bureaus. This is an interesting topic that is often overlooked when speaking of financial literacy.

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