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Co-President    Hi everyone, my name is Hansol Lee but I go by Sean. I was Vice President Events for the club last year and the concept of financial literacy became very important to me. Although it sounds like a scary concept, it really is not. I believe everyone should be educated on the topic so you can manage your personal finances in the future, not have to worry about taking out excessive loans, and just being confident in your personal financial decision making. We all need to do it in the future, so let’s begin now!    I spent the first three years of my university career as a Psychology major who inspired to become a Clinical Psychologist. Although I enjoyed learning about the mind and how the brain functions, I realized that the Faculty of Business was a better fit for me. I am now entering my third year of Business as an Accounting major with an interest in assurance and tax. I intend to finish my degree at the University of Alberta School of Business and pursue the CPA designation and the MBA right after. On my free time, I enjoy working out, hanging out with my friends (& meeting new people!) and doing yoga (both regular and hot). So, if you’re interested in making a new friend, hit me up so we can get shredded, hang out or do some yoga to relieve some stress!




Cedric Chung


My name is Cedric Chung, and I am one of the 2018-2019 year's co-president. I believe that financial literacy is lacking in Canada, and want to be able to make financial literacy available to everyone. As a student, I understand the financial burden that students carry and believe that our student club can provide resources to help educate so that students can stay out of debt and make responsible financial choices going forward.
I spent my first year at the University of Alberta studying Geophysics, then I took a year to take pre-requisites before making it into the Alberta School of Business. I plan on majoring in finance and want to pursue a CFA designation as well as a CBV. During my spare time, I play soccer and volleyball and occasionally play the guitar.

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Vaneeza Asif


Hi everyone! I’m the other one of this year’s co-presidents. 

After attending last year’s events, I realized the importance of personal finance, as well the indifference towards it by many. I understand it’s a boring topic for most students, but I also know that it’s an important topic. The earlier we know, the less trouble we’ll have in the future.

This year, I am looking to do my part in increasing awareness as well as knowledge on all topics relating to personal finance.

Although you’ll always find me quietly drawing in my notebooks, don’t be afraid to say Hi!

I’m also the VP finance for a couple of other clubs on campus, so feel free to reach out to me if your club related financial knowledge!





Joseph Abbass

Vice President External

Hi all, my name is Joseph Abbass, and I am this year's Vice President External. I am a third year Bilingual Bachelor of Commerce student, majoring in Finance. When I'm not at school or work, you can find me hanging out with some buddies, whether that be at the movies or the outdoor rink in Beaumont! In today's world, I believe it's important to be financially literate no matter what stage in life you find yourself in. I am eager to do my part in educating University of Alberta students and the broader community in financial literacy.

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Laramie Anderson

Vice President Finance

Hey everyone! I’m Laramie Anderson and I’m going into my second year at the Alberta School of Business majoring in Finance and minoring in International Business. I’m so excited to be part of this year’s team as the VP Finance because I get to combine my love for all things numbers with my passion for financial literacy. On the rare occasion that I’m not at the library you can find me hanging out with friends around campus or planning my next road trip. I’m looking forward to working with this awesome team to connect the U of A community with more resources to help everyone understand and take control of their personal finances. 

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Jin Ahn

Vice President Events

Hi – my name is Jin and I am this year’s Vice President Events for the Piggy Bankers. I am currently going into my second year at the Alberta School of Business. Regardless of your background, I believe there is at least some level of uncertainty when it comes to personal finances and hopefully our team will be able to provide some clarity throughout the upcoming year. Be sure to come out and receive some financial wisdom or just to finesse that free pizza, whichever attracts you more.

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Khanh Phan

Events Director

Hi! I’m Khanh Phan and I’m currently a 2nd year Accounting student at the Alberta School of Business. Besides the library, I spend a lot of time meeting with friends, listening to music and volunteering around the campus. I believe that financial literacy is not only relevant to business students but it is essential to all students and everyone at some point. As the Event Director at the Piggy Bankers Club I’m very excited to be working with my Piggy Bankers team to provide students across campus with resources necessary to become more financial literate. I’m looking forward to a new fun yet knowledgeable year at the Piggy Bankers Club!

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Jaemin Kim

Vice President Marketing

My name is Jaemin Kim and I am this year’s VP Marketing. I am going into my 4th year at the U of A with a major in Marketing. I’m currently in the co-op program and have just been trying to gain a wide range of experience before graduating university. I decided to join the Piggy Bankers because I remember when I was going into university from high school, I honestly had no clue about things like mortgages, investing or proper budgeting. I still have much to learn myself, but I really hope that I can contribute in educating the students who want to learn more and become more prepared when making financial decisions. I look forward to working and learning with this energetic team!

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Justin Park

Marketing Director

Hello! My name is Justin Park and I am moving into my 3rd year at the University of Alberta working towards a Bachelor of Commerce degree with a Finance major. As the Marketing Director for the Piggy Bankers this year, I am excited to work with the team in promoting practical financial knowledge. Outside of school, I enjoy going to the gym and I am interested in pretty much anything related to cars and driving fast. Whenever you see me around campus, feel free to say hello! 




Ivan Varela

Social Media Director

Hello! I’m Ivan Varela and I am this year’s Social Media Director. I am in my third year at the Alberta School of Business, majoring in Finance and International business. I just came back from a six-month exchange in Milan, where I learnt a lot about what living on a budget is. 

I enjoy travelling and learning different languages. I joined the Piggy Bankers because I believe in the importance of financial literacy. I’m looking forward to a great year full of events!