Sean Lee


Hi everyone, my name is Hansol Lee but I go by Sean. I was Vice President Events for the club last year and the concept of financial literacy became very important to me. Although it sounds like a scary concept, it really is not. I believe everyone should be educated on the topic so you can manage your personal finances in the future, not have to worry about taking out excessive loans, and just being confident in your personal financial decision making. We all need to do it in the future, so let’s begin now!


I spent the first three years of my university career as a Psychology major who inspired to become a Clinical Psychologist. Although I enjoyed learning about the mind and how the brain functions, I realized that the Faculty of Business was a better fit for me. I am now entering my third year of Business as an Accounting major with an interest in assurance and tax. I intend to finish my degree at the University of Alberta School of Business and pursue the CPA designation and the MBA right after. On my free time, I enjoy working out, hanging out with my friends (& meeting new people!) and doing yoga (both regular and hot). So, if you’re interested in making a new friend, hit me up so we can get shredded, hang out or do some yoga to relieve some stress!





Matt Kulak


Hello! My name is Matt Kulak, and I am in my 3rd year of business at the University of Alberta’s School of Business. I have an array of interests ranging anywhere from backcountry camping and mountain biking, to mechanics and metal fabrication. Similar to my broad scope of my personal interests, I am also taking a broad approach to my schooling; studying General Business to attain a well-rounded perspective of business principles and practices. From my athletic endeavors to my academics I have noticed one common theme; you can only achieve so much without proper preparation! I believe financial success is no different, and I am ecstatic to help the U of A and broader Edmonton community develop sound financial practices.





Patricia Slipp

Vice President Marketing

Hi! I’m Patricia Slipp and I am the Piggy Bankers VP Marketing for the second year in a row. Marketing is not only my passion but also my major in the Alberta School of Business. I am in my fifth year working toward my Bachelor of Commerce in cooperative education with a minor in Human Resources. Besides the Piggy Bankers I am also the Director of events for Enactus Ualberta and I am looking forward to another fun year of financial literacy!







Tatiana Engel

Marketing Director

Hey there! My name is Tatiana Engel and I am this years Marketing Director for the Piggy Bankers. I am going into my third year at the U of A, pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce degree in cooperative education with a major in Marketing. Outside of school I enjoy videography and going to the gym. I'm really looking forward to being a part of this amazing team, and am very excited to see what we can all accomplish this year! My pet peeves include: people who say "no offence" and redundant hashtags.






Alex Katsabanis

Vice President Finance

Hi, my name is Alex Katsabanis and I am a 4th year finance student at the U of A. I come from Calgary and love skiing, working out, and travelling. I just recently finished a one year exchange in Sweden and the lack of math-related courses makes me very excited to be the finance executive of a finance club! I am really passionate about finance, accounting, math, and statistics but I wouldn’t consider myself too nerdy. I’m hoping for a great year and am hoping even more that I don’t run the club into bankruptcy.





Ben German

Vice President External

Hi all, my name is Ben German, and I am a third-year accounting major at the University of Alberta. I was born and raised in Calgary, however both the University of Alberta and the city of Edmonton have provided me with opportunities to grow that I never would have had back home. In this coming year, I hope to return the favor by educating the University community in practical money skills!






Kasia Kasprzak

External Director

Hi there! My name is Kasia and I am excited to be one of the External Directors for the Piggy Bankers this year. I am in my second year at the Alberta School of Business, majoring in accounting. Besides my love for numbers, I am also very passionate about dance - if I’m not at school I’m probably in the studio! I was born and raised in Edmonton but my parents immigrated here from Poland when they were teenagers. I am eager to get involved throughout my years at the U of A and what better way than to be a part of a movement to help students across campus gain a stronger sense of financial responsibility. Looking forward to working and learning with the entire Piggy Banker’s team throughout the year!





Owen Shen

External Director

Hi, I’m Owen and I am currently in my fourth year at the University of Alberta majoring in Accounting (surprise surprise). Besides grinding away at school and work, my main interests are going for long walks at the beach, candlelit dinners by the Oceanside… Just kidding! I’m interested in seeing where technology will take us in the future as well as playing around with the stock market. In my spare time, I love spontaneously hanging out with friends, whether that be a drop-in game of touch football, watching a movie, or simply getting drinks and talking. Financial literacy is important to me because it is (or it should be if it isn’t) the basis for how you will live your life. Good budgeting skills as well as the basics of saving and investing is something that I believe everyone should learn sooner rather than later as it will prove invaluable for when they become more independent.





Shirin Jong

Vice President Events

Hi! I'm Shirin and I'm currently in my 3rd Year at the Alerta School of Business. I'm majoring in Human Resource Management and minoring in Business Law. I'm actually an international student from Malaysia, but I've been loving my studies here in Edmonton and I plan to work in Canada after I graduate! I spend a lot of my free time watching a large variety of YouTube videos, reading books on self-development, and enjoying the company of my friends. I'm really looking forward to working together with this year's Piggy Bankers team to offer the helpful resources students need to improve their personal finances!





Kareem Abdelghany

Vice President Design

Hello! I am Kareem Abdelghany and I am the Vice President of Design for the U of A financial literacy club for the 2017-18 year. I am currently in my first year of a MSc program in the Department of Renewable Resources. I am truly excited to be a part of this amazing team where I have to opportunity to help support a group that is determined to help people learn the basics of financial literacy. Seeing that financial difficulties are a major problem is today’s economy, I feel it is very important for everyone (no matter what faculty or occupation) to be aware of these financial systems and the resources that are available to support them.